Hello game adventurers, welcome to
the Blocky Mountains!

An adventurous path leads to the highest peak of the “Blocky Mountains” – built with blocks. The trapper and his animal companion, the grizzly bear, climb, slide, balance, rappel, swing on the rope, and jump from rock to rock – across abysses, canyons or rivers. Whoever reaches the peak can enjoy the fantastic view over the “Blocky Mountains”…

An exciting dexterity game and playing adventure for the entire family; for the best sandbox friends and clever kindergarteners; for school kids up to high school; for youth centers, game clubs and living communities; and for favorite colleagues during lunch break. The playing time is variable – from the solo training of individual routes to the team variant.

“Bear”-bones mountain routes for 14 adventurers, 8 years and up

With a team variant for 2–7 adventurers, 6 years and up

A game by Gerhard Junker. Illustrated by Klemens Franz.

Information about the game

• Can be played alone, or one against another, or in teams

• Difficulty levels vary from “easy” to “very difficult”

• For one hand or both hands together

• Variable playing time between 2 and 60 minutes

• High-quality game materials for long-lasting playing fun


  1 route map (double-sided)

60 route cards (basic game plus expansion)

  9 owl tiles

  4 route markers (in player colors)

  1 team route marker

  7 rope tiles (for the team)

12 wooden blocks

  1 trapper (playing figure)

  1 grizzly (playing figure)

  1 provisions (wooden disk)

  2 rods with climbing hooks

  1 mountain rope

24 squirrels

  1 rulebook (German/English) download (PDF/2.8 MB)

As a supplement to the game, we also offer “The Big Game Adventure Book” (48 p., DIN A5, spiral-bound, G/EN) with two scenarios, five game variants, plenty of bonus materials and templates to plan and build your own routes. Additionally, there is an add-on with a sand-timer and a die (plus rules in G/EN) plus a goody (see below).

The rules for the starting player route (goody) you can find here!

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You can buy the two expansions (book and add-on) exclusively from Juhu-Spiele.

NEW! Expansion: The Rock Slide

Particularly adventurous paths await the game adventurers in the “Blocky Mountains.”
Who will be skillful and courageous enough to master the “Rock Slide”?

Expansion Materials

15 route cards

  1 Rock Slide (big yellow block)

  2 rulesheets (D) download / (EN) download (PDF/1.5 MB)

The expansion is currently available here:




The small company Juhu-Spiele was founded in 2013 by Gerhard Junker, in connection with the crowdfunding campaign for “Blocky Mountains” on startnext. The first game was completed and produced, and finally came out in March 2014. You’ll find all information regarding the development of the game and the successful campaign on the project page.

Additional information and numerous photos on Facebook and BoardGameGeek:





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